Custom Built Sites

All of our websites are built from the ground up, specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. Whether you want a full-fledged blog with social media integration and a comments section, or an online storefront that can be easily managed, we can create your vision however you want it. That's the beauty of a custom-built website.

E-commerce Integration

Want a website where you can sell your products easily? We can design it for you. With PayPal™ payment processing and ecwid™ shopping cart integration, you'll have an easily managed online storefront that is reliable, safe, and secure for your customers. Best of all, the storefront is completely customizable; we can design the style of it to match the rest of the website for a seamless look. The storefront also integrates with Google™ Analytics, which is discussed below.

Detailed Analytics

Knowing your audience and how to reach them is becoming increasingly important as more and more websites come online. Leveraging the highly detailed system of Google™ Analytics will let you see exactly who is visiting your site, how long they visit it for, where the visitors were referred from, what device and browser they use, which language they prefer, and even what country they are visiting your website from. The system is packed full of many more features, such as Intelligence Alerts, Traffic Sources Analyzation, and Content Reports. Utilizing these tools will help you understand much more about who your visitors are and how they use your website.

Responsive Mobile Sites

With a responsive mobile website, the whole website is able to transform itself based on the device that it is being viewed on. There's no longer a need for another whole website just for mobile users. The overall style of the website stays the same, but often the text is made bigger and buttons are made to be easily touched upon which makes for a much better website on a smaller screen. This creates more of a seamless experience for the user and streamlines the website so two different websites won't need to be updated when the content changes.

Message Boards and Comments

Want an awesome forum or a user comments section? Both are easily implemented into your existing site or we can build the website around it. The style can be matched to the style of your website for a completely customized look. The message board includes advanced administration tools, and both the message board and the comments section have a way to report spam, so your users can get to the real discussions without the worry of wading through a mess of garbage posts.

Secure and Speedy Sites

By utilizing CloudFlare©'s advanced network of edge servers, we can deliver your website to your users faster than ever before, no matter where they are in the world. Plus, CloudFlare© has the added benefit of securing your website, with features like HTTPS, advanced DDoS protection, and a Web Application Firewall that protects against vulnerabilities like Cross Site Scripting and SQL Injection.*

*Some of these services require payment to CloudFlare©. Plans start as low as $20/month. For more information, click here.

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